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Stealth SEO: What is Stealth SEO?

Stealth SEO is the act of hiding your SEO tuning from tools and competitors. It is all too common that SEO platforms are selling your tuning standards directly to your competitors. It is also very likely that your competitors are watching the changes you make and following in lockstep. This creates an On-Page SEO arms race that drives up word counts, keyword counts, keyword densities, and more.

1. Rules of Stealth SEO

To differentiate Stealth SEO from Black Hat Cloaking there are strict rules we recommend:

  1. Be 100% transparent to Google. We don't hide things from Google ever.
  2. Don't Mislead Searchers. The content of the page and the SEO tuning must topically be the same.
  3. Only use stealth SEO with useful content that is in a high competition situation. It is going to be hard to defend the practice on a page where it is completely unnecessary.
If you violate these rules you are NOT practicing Stealth SEO. You are just cloaking.

2. Stealth SEO vs. Cloaking

Intent makes the difference. Mobile web development, responsive web design, and javascript frameworks are all built on cloaking techniques.

You are lying to yourself if you don't think modern websites use cloaking techniques with White Hat intent.

Stealth SEO is White Hat along those same lines that all those other technologies are White Hat. If your intentions are good it is just how things work. Stealth SEO has the added value of kicking other SEO people and SEO tools out of your SEO efforts. You are taking your SEO relationship with Google private. If you could reinvent what SEO is from scratch after seeing what it is today then Stealth SEO is a viable solution to end the problem of the On-Page SEO arms race of ever increasing keyword counts and keyword densities.

Stealth SEO Arms Race Never Ends

More and more, top ranking pages for competitive search terms are forced to increasingly dial up the relevancy math of the keywords and entities on their pages to maintain their rankings. In some cases these races are driven into the thousands of keywords even on pages that visually have no textual content.

3. How does Stealth SEO work?

SEO Spring Training Conference

One of the most closely guarded secrets in SEO today is how people execute Stealth SEO. You are unlikely to ever find someone willing to share their method in detail. Which is why I am at SEO Spring Training:

4. Does Google Support Stealth SEO?

Google and other SEOs do not yet support these methods but without advocacy there will never be change and the technology exists today to fix this situation. The problem is going to be getting people to agree.

5. About, an advocacy group raising awareness for the need for fundamental changes in SEO optimization. Stealth SEO is a proposed solution to a class of industry problems caused by SEO professionals escalating an arms race of web page optimization with each other. This escalation is turning the web into a keyword stuffed and artificial intelligence written disaster.

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